EcoCash users, holidaymakers, set to benefit from EcoCash USD Wallet use cases

ECOCASH, whose USD wallet can be easily accessed by dialling *153# – and can be automatically used by any registered EcoCash customer – has said it hopes holidaymakers and the general public will take advantage of the convenient wallet service, to transact securely over the festive season.

“We encourage our customers and the general public to take advantage of this convenient service to send and receive USD cash, or pay for goods such as groceries and essential services such as electricity and medicines, using the EcoCash USD wallet,” the company said.

Customers do not need to do anything to create the wallet. All they need to do is dial *153# and start to use it.

EcoCash launched the service, which allows customers to send and receive US dollars anywhere across the country, back in April.

“The sender can cash in the money (put the money onto their EcoCash wallet) at any Econet shops and franchisees, Steward Bank branches and several authorised merchants across the country — including OK Stores and several pharmacies countrywide,” said EcoCash.

Recipients of money that is ‘EcoCashed’ to them, can similarly cash out the money (get it out of their phone as USD cash) at the same shops, bank branches and outlets across the country.

“The recipient can then go and cash out their US dollars at their convenience when they need to use the money, or they can keep it in their EcoCash USD wallet until they need to use it to buy goods, pay for services or send it to anyone, all from the convenience of their phone,” said the company.

“Customers can also receive US dollars directly on their EcoCash USD Wallet, from relatives or friends living or working outside the country. The sender can easily send the money via international money transfer companies such as SasaiRemit, and many others, and the money will land directly in the customer’s USD wallet.

“And in addition, customers can use the EcoCash USD Wallet to buy USD airtime directly from their phones,” the company said.

The EcoCash mobile money business is a subsidiary of EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe, a diversified digital and fintech group listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.