EcoCash simplifies requesting money from friends, relatives

With EcoCash’s new ‘Request Money’ service, you do not have to get stranded when you run out of money. You can quickly ask for money from friends, colleagues and family – in a discreet manner, without having to make a call. The service, which is modelled along the lines of the ‘Call Me Back’ feature on mobile networks, helps EcoCash customers to ask for cash at the click of a button.  

For instance, in case of an emergency or unforeseen financial need, registered EcoCash users simply need to request money by dialling *151#, Entering their EcoCash PIN, Select Option 1, Send Money; Selecting Option 6, Request Money; Selecting Option 1, Create Request; then Enter Amount, Enter Mobile Number, Enter Reference and Select Option 1 to Confirm Request.  

The person you requested money from will immediately receive a pop-up message asking them to enter their EcoCash PIN to confirm that funds can be sent to you.  

However, should they miss the pop-up message, they will receive a text message stating that “Money Request. RTGS$XXXX from (Name or Number of Sender) Approval Required: XXXXX. Request expires in 2hrs, dial *151*1*6*3# to approve the request.”  

If accepted, the requested amount will be automatically and immediately deposited into your account, and you will be instantly notified when funds are available for you to transact.  

The Request Money service is for free, with the normal transaction and statutory charges applicable to the sender of the money, only if they accept the request and send the money.  

EcoCash said customers can request up to ZW$50 000 per transaction and there is no limit on the number of people they can request money from.  

“Adding this new feature to the EcoCash platform is a major leap forward in digital payments because it gives our customers more flexibility, choice and control, specifically when receiving money,” the company said.  

“Whether you’re paying a supplier, splitting a restaurant tab with a friend or asking your roommate for their share of the rent, the new feature makes requesting and receiving money fast and convenient.”  

EcoCash has over the past few months witnessed how to request money has also become handy for families that stay apart, as in the case of relatives or dependents living in rural areas or at the farm.  

“They are now finding it much easier to reach out and quickly request for some money to meet urgent needs,” the company said.  

Since it was launched in June this year, the request money service has also proved to be useful for families or individuals that find themselves requiring funds, be they of a medical or personal nature.  

Like all EcoCash transactions, the new feature is safe and secure.  

Money is transferred directly between customers into their wallets through existing mobile banking procedures and multiple layers of security.  

EcoCash, a subsidiary of EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe Limited, has over the past decade introduced various innovations that promote financial inclusion in the country.