EcoCash extends payroll services to security companies

EcoCash – a leading financial services platform has announced the expansion of its payroll services to include security companies. The move will allow employees of companies in the security sector across the country to receive their full pay directly into their EcoCash wallets. 

An EcoCash spokesperson said, “Extending payroll services to security companies – whose personnel are scattered across the country, guarding the assets and premises of their clients – will meet a unique need to the industry, save time and money, and provide much-needed convenience.” 

Security companies already taking advantage of the EcoCash payroll service reportedly include Guard Alert, Fawcett, Securico, Peace Security, Volsec, Strike Security, Gilta Security, Armour Shield, Siera Vision Security and Absolute Security. 

According to EcoCash, its payroll services are intended to create efficiencies, streamline operations and enhance employee satisfaction for security companies, which often face the challenge of managing payroll for a large and diverse workforce, stationed across wide geographical locations.